Preparing for Playoffs


This year’s varsity softball team has been sweeping the floors this season, scoring a seat in the playoffs. They are currently number one in the district with a 10-1 record, with their only loss against Lonestar. This puts them neck and neck as they advance.

Though there may be difficulties ahead as they fight for the district title, coaches Alyson Frare and Tiffany Weise have faith in this hard-working team.

“This team has so much potential, we can go as far and deep into the playoffs as these girls want,” Coach Frare said. 

“We’ve got some tough teams coming up in the playoffs, but the girls are confident, I’m confident in them, and I’m very proud, so I think we’ll see some good things,” Coach Weise said.

Up to this point, this team has already achieved many good things, including their 15-0 win over RL Turner and beating known rival Reedy twice within the season.

“We’ve had a lot of achievements so far, but I would have to say beating Reedy in both games was pretty solid for the girls, they were really hyped about those games. The first one was 3-2 and the second was 3-0, so they were both very close and fun to watch,” Coach Weise said.

While the spirit and determination of the varsity softball team has continued for years, one thing sets this year’s team apart from all the rest.

“The majority of this year’s team is young, most being freshmen where in years past it’s a lot of seniors and juniors, a couple of sophomores, and a freshman here and there,” Coach Frare said.

This mix of players has clearly bode well for this team as they have had many successes and possess the confidence and skill to continue succeeding. They are set to play their next game this Saturday, April 15, at 12pm against Creekview (6-5).