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The Recipe for Wakeland’s Broadcast

Mason Ogden, Emma Rasmussen and Aidan Yukica, WIN-TV Reporters

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WIN-TV is the face and voice of the Wakeland student body. Every week the Wakeland Broadcast team works diligently to produce newsworthy content through their news website, live announcements, as well as a “bi-weekly” news program.  It takes a team of individuals coming together in order to effectively produce multiple shows in a timely manner. Each crew member takes time in and out of school: planning, filming, interviewing, and editing.

To start, groups sit down and brainstorm, gathering as many story ideas as they possibly can. Once the ideas are compiled, the most interesting and entertaining to the student body are selected for the final product. Following beat discussion, team show planning occurs. All groups present their stories and receive the rest of the class’ opinion on whether the story is newsworthy or not. After the presentations, the story selections are finalized and the team begins working hard by setting up interviews and determining what would be best to film. Additionally, they consider what would be the best angle for the overall news report. After lengthy days of filming, the editing starts. All of the footage is edited down into a short 1 to 2-minute story that presents all of the information in a suitable way. Following the editing process, final stories are turned in and given to senior producers to put together the final product, a WIN-TV episode.

Nevertheless, the process repeats itself. “It’s all about working together… working with each beat and spending time with them… WIN-TV doesn’t just magically happen, and I think WIN-TV [shows]… that we’re passionate [about making] quality content for the school and getting the news out there”, stated Rebecca Green, Broadcast President, and A-Day Senior Producer. In the end, the one true goal of the broadcast team is to create an enjoyable show, that displays true journalism ethics and represents Wakeland as a positive learning environment.


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