Investigating Social Injustice in Literature

English II Students Explore Inequalities in the Art Protest Project.

Camilla Serrano, WIN-TV Reporter

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Wakeland sophomores create an art piece that demonstrates the social injustice that still exists in today’s society. The Art Protest Project has English II students exploring inequalities present in literature by identifying unfair labor standards, age, gender and sexual orientation discrimination.

In January, students picked out their novels that they would begin reading to dig for the lack of equality or segregation in their book.Ms. Świeczkowski, An English ll teacher, verbalized that, “ The project was designed for them to investigate injustices in their novel and illustrate it visually.

Students began to construct their art piece in hopes of portraying their novels theme. They were also required to write an essay explaining their thinking process when sketching their art. Students began drawing their art to meet the theme conveyed in their novel.

Alba Trejo, a WHS Sophomore, states that, “ This project enlightened my view on the injustices going on and taught how I can portray my opinion through art.”

Completed projects, along with their essays, are on display in the Wakeland library.