Students Use Meditation to Alleviate Everyday School Pressure

Camilla Congiu, Abigail Poe, and Sarah Qawasmeh

Stressed Out Students is an interactive and social club which helps its members deal with their school related stress. The club was started by Wakeland Students themselves who thought it would be beneficial to create a relieving environment where everyone feels as they are apart of a group and allows them to relate to each other.

Wakeland High School Psychology teacher and “Stressed Out Students” sponsor, Mrs. Madira Mckee encourages the idea of allowing students to come together in order to destress. “It’s a safe space for them to come and hang out” she says, “Spending time together makes them less stressed..they learn to deal with stress better.” The club allows students to communicate with each other by playing games, eating food and sometimes meditating to calm themselves. “They practiced to take certain things in life a little less seriously.”

Mrs. Mckee believes that by creating this environment for Wakeland students, they will be able to use the techniques acquired from the club in order to battle future stress for students in college and work life. To join Stressed Out Students, visit D103 after school every second and last Thursday of every month.