The End Is Near

Upcoming Senior Events for the Graduating Class of 2019

Christine Bergmann and Rebecca Green

April showers bring May flowers, but these two months also bring events for Wakeland Seniors to make the end of the year memorable as they head towards graduation. These highly anticipated activitiesー Powder Puff, Prom, Baccalaureate, Senior Academic Awards, Senior Breakfast, and many moreー are a way of celebrating the students’ hard work throughout their high school careers. The last months create a fun conclusion to the high school experience before the class receives their diplomas on June 1st.

April 14th- First up is Powder Puff, a flag football game against the Junior and Senior girls. This is a chance for the girls to show off their football skills and the boys to take the sidelines as coaches and cheerleaders. The game will be at Warren Sports Complex.

May 4th- May the fourth be with you… this date is when the senior prom is hosted for the first time at the Omni near the Star. The Wakeland Prom is unique to most schools’ prom because a meal is provided at location. Prom is formal dance and is probably the most popular among the student body.

May 19th- Will you accept this rose? This is not the bachelor but the Baccalaureate on May 19th. The service is a celebration that honors the graduating class. The event is Christianity-based ceremony where students ultimately cut a ribbon off a rose connected to all the other students to symbolize each student going alone on their next journey. This is not a school sponsored event, but all families and students are welcomed.

TBD- Senior Academic Awards is when awards and chords are given out. The date for this event is still being determined. Awards are given to students based on academic merit. These awards are bestowed upon these seniors for excellent accomplishments and exemplary character displayed in classes. Chords are given to students in honors clubs or for achievements in other areas. One of the chords is the white cord given for 100 hours of community service. In order to get this chord, all hours must be verified by April 1st on x2VOL.

May 22nd- Senior Breakfast is a breakfast before school in which food will be served and prizes will raffled.

May 23rd- The next day, May 23, will be Six Flags, a day full of rollercoasters, rides, and games.

May 29- On this date is the Senior Walk. Seniors will walk through the halls with the school cheering for them as they wave goodbye to high school. Also, there will be a Field Day at the Star and graduation rehearsal. These events will occur during the school day.

The last event of course is graduation at the Star June 1st.

These last two months will be packed with not just these events but definitely some other functions too. Although these months may seem like they are going by slow, everything will soon be over. Many Wakeland parents and students have been working hard to create events that will capture the essence of the high school experience and create great memories to last a lifetime.