How to Survive the Holiday Season

Some funny tips to staying sane this holiday season


Winter Littlejohn

Sometimes surviving the holidays can be difficult. Photo by Winter Littlejohn.

Winter Littlejohn, Wakeland Access Reporter

The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year and become overwhelming, but if you follow these few simple hacks, you’ll be the lucky one to make it out alive.

The first step into surviving the holidays is to order gifts online. We all love sleeping because we’re lazy and don’t like to get out of bed and this is a great way to shop. You can lay in bed all day and shop instead of going to the mall and waiting in long lines just to get one item. You also don’t have to worry about people stepping on you for taking the last pair of ugly neon pink jeans for your grandma who thinks everyone always looks at her because they’re cute, but they really look like a highlighter. 

The second step to survive the holidays is asking your “favorite” grandma for money to buy gifts. If you have the type of parent that doesn’t want to give you money to buy gifts, then the grandma that tells you that you look taller every year but you haven’t grown since sixth grade, will for sure give you money. Just make sure to call her because she doesn’t know how to text on her Iphone and try to avoid going  to her house so she doesn’t squeeze your cheeks. 

The last step to survive the holidays is to let your mom wrap your presents. Unless you took wrapping classes, there is a high chance that your present will look like wrapping paper threw up all over it. Wrapping your friends presents looks better then putting it into a bag because then it looks like you actually tried. If you just let your mom wrap the gift you bought with your grandma’s money, the gift will look amazing. For an extra touch to it you can also add a bow. 

If you follow all of these steps then the holiday season will be fun and enjoyable.