Give Me a Break!


Is Spring Break Here Yet? - With the incoming workload, students are becoming more stressed. The main thing keeping students afloat is the next break.

Winter Littlejohn, Reporter

As students return from the break, many are adjusting to the intense workload and fatigue at school. Spring break doesn’t come for three months, and for many, that is just too long!

With the long gap in between breaks, students may experience changes in schoolwork. Students may be mentally tired from the previous break and might not want to complete work, which could affect their grades. They could also notice that their grades are lower because it is getting close to the end of the year.

“After break, the students are more comfortable in the class. They are working hard but because it is closer to the end of the year, they are more relaxed making their grades somewhat lower,” English teacher Mrs. Duenwald said.    

Not only do the students have new changes to deal with, but teachers might as well. Teachers may give out more assignments to students in order to prepare them for STAAR, AP, or any other big tests or projects. By doing this, it could lead students to have more stress which causes their grades to change.

“After the break, I have noticed that the teachers are reviewing us on what we have learned so far and teaching us new things at the same time. This makes it more stressful because I have to remember things from the beginning of the year and learn new things,” freshman Jessie Comings said.      

Twenty-nine school days until Spring Break can be a struggle but staying focused is key for a successful semester.