Wolverine of the Week

Noah Mack, Editor of Chief

An ear for music and an eye for broadcast; two skills that bring joy to his peers and teachers. 

Ben Schnieder is a freshman at Wakeland High School who lives his life to the fullest each and every day, always wanting to improve his passions. 

“He’s extremely driven in stuff that he likes,” WHS teacher Mrs. Pendergast said, who spends a lot of time working with Ben.

Ben is avidly invested in and learns about broadcast any chance he gets. 

“My favorite part of broadcast is looking at videos of me interviewing,” he said. Ben practices working with the video and audio equipment in Ms. Wiemann’s 3A broadcast one class. 

“I really do enjoy having Ben in the classroom. He has a lot of energy in a small package,” broadcast teacher Ms. Wiemann said. “He just puts his heart into everything that he does.” 

He goes around the classroom, hallways, and front office with his camera and microphone interviewing people about newsworthy topics. His peers and teachers are delighted to interact with him and his broadcast work during class. 

“When he goes around asking people questions he just brightens everyone’s day,” freshman Annabel Mack said with a radiant smile. 

Ben even takes his love for broadcast home with him, where he watches his favorite news channels. 

“My favorite news channel is NBC 5,” Ben said with a prideful smile. “I’ve been watching the one with Lester Holt that closes off at night.” He knows what happens on the news and even memorizes some of the segments, according to his teachers.

If being a broadcast fanatic wasn’t enough, Ben actively practices the ukulele and always wants to learn new songs. 

“He’s really good and he’s got a great voice,” Pendergast said. “I think he’s somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to the lyrics and the artists.”


Ben enjoys playing songs for an audience in the front office or the library, which brings teachers and students together to appreciate his heartwarming melodies. One of his favorite songs to play is Matt Kearney’s ‘Nothing Left To Lose.’

He also practices songs by Elvis Presley and Ben Folds, whom has even invited Ben on stage during a concert to sing with him. 

There is no end to Ben’s enthusiasm to learn more, whether it be broadcast or music. With his talents, he manages to bring joy to the students and staff of Wakeland. 

“Even though he tells me all the time he’s having a good day, I don’t think he’s ever not having a good day,” Wiemann said with a touched smile on her face. 

Ben is nothing short of amazing and will never stop uplifting those who are lucky enough to cross paths with him.