Power Lunch: Will it be Continued?

Morgan Roeder, Reporter


Power Lunch was the biggest change of the 2019-2020 school year, but was met with mixed reviews.

“I like Power Lunch because it gives me time to study and catch up on work so I don’t have to do it outside of school,” freshman Juliette Jehling said.

Power Lunch is a “free hour” that has combined lunch and advisory time. There are many things students can do during this time such as homework, club meetings, teacher tutorials, eat lunch, play games in the gym, or simply just catch up with friends.

If you can not decide where to go, 72% of teachers believe that their classroom is a safe place for any student to go to if in need of classwork help.

“I go to tutorials almost everyday, either first or second half of Power Lunch,” senior Quincey Leslie said.

 But some students take advantage of this work time, using it as an “hour to do nothing,” junior Gavin Hecht said.

Wakeland sent out a student and teacher Power Lunch survey to get feedback on Power Lunch. The results came back and it showed that 56% of teachers believe that students attend tutorials during Power Lunch.

However, 62% of the teachers think that kids are a distraction in the halls during Power Lunch and don’t use their time wisely.

The main goal of power Lunch was to help kids benefit their grades. 55% of wakeland teachers believe that power lunch has increased test scores and helped kids pass classes.

Power Lunch for next year is still being decided, so make sure to use your time wisely.