Stop, Change is Ahead!


Stop in the name of the law – Wakeland changes traffic flowing a new way at end of day.

Juliette Jehling, Reporter

The traffic flow at Wakeland during after school pickup has been a problem, but this spring there is now a solution. 

After winter break, there is a new rule regarding dismissal on exiting the building. Students will no longer be able to exit through the front of the building anymore since it disrupts the flow of traffic at the end of the school day.

        “I dislike it. Now I have to walk all the way around the school when my mom could just pick me up at the front,” freshman Dylan Sneed said.

Students will be released from the two side entrances at the front of the building in order to access the cross walks when exiting the building. Students seem to not be liking the new change.

         “I have to get home as fast as possible because I have extra curricular activities,” Sneed said. 

The new rule and procedures to pick up are as follows, drive down back (East) parking lot aisles to make room for other vehicles; Pull forward in South “Parent Loop” to make room for other vehicles. *Exception, parents picking up special needs students.

“I don’t really like the new change. It just causes more traffic,” freshman Mark Shogren said. Other students are now trying to get used to the new adjustment, as it has changed the way they leave the building at the end of the day.

“I miss being able to go out the front, as it takes less time to get out of Wakeland. Also, it’s going to take a while to adjust to the new change,” freshman Anna Otwell said.

Although students aren’t big fans of the changes, it is very beneficial in the end.