Striking Wolverines

Verrill Aditya, Reporter

The Bowling Club started at Wakeland High School in 2018. It offers students the opportunity to learn the lifelong sport of bowling. They compete against other Frisco high schools, as well as local area teams. The goal is for students to learn more about the sport of bowling, improve their skills, and simply to just have fun.

Zack Smullen, a bowing player, started up the club because of his love for bowling. He has been bowling for 12 years.

“I want students to experience bowing like I did,” Smullen said.

The Bowling Club practices at Strikz Entertainment once a week in order to compete against other Frisco high schools. They compete throughout the winter.

Anyone can join the Bowling Club by paying a fee.The club includes all members of different skill levels.

Jeffrey Kerr, the club sponsor, is proud of his students who are part of the club. Kerr hosts meetings in his room to talk to the club leader and to coach the team in the right direction.

The Bowling Club will continue bowling until the end of the school year. Joining the Bowling Club is a great way to make new friends and to learn new skills!