Galentine’s Day: A New Way to Celebrate


Galentine's! - All hearts are happy when it changes from Valentine's Day to "Galentine's Day".

Winter Littlejohn, Reporter

Valentine’s Day can be unimportant to those who are not in a relationship, but “Galentine’s Day” helps make Feb. 14 a more enjoyable day. 

“Galentine’s Day” is a fun way to celebrate with close friends. For us ladies, Valentine’s Day can seem like a sad day because it reminds people how they are not in a relationship. Some spend the day alone, crying in our beds, but with “Galentine’s Day” that can turn it around. Galentine’s Day can be very special and remind us of the special friends we have.

“‘Galentine’s Day’ is important to me because many people don’t have a significant other, so ‘Galentine’s’ helps to make everyone feel special,” sophomore Daniela Torres said. 

On “Galentine’s Day”, many people like to exchange gifts or just hang out with friends to show their appreciation for each other.  Other people like to celebrate it with their family members. 

“I like to celebrate ‘Galentine’s Day’ with my cousins and watch Harry Styles videos because he is the closest thing I have to a boyfriend,” sophomore Reese Chester said. 

In the end, Galentine’s Day can help people enjoy their day without having to worry about feeling left out by not having a significant other.