Gift of Love

Kristen McGarvey, Reporter

Valentine’s Day is coming up and one of the most common traditions of the holiday is gift giving. 


Whether it be giving a special gift to your significant other, best friend, or mom, everyone loves getting unexpected and thoughtful presents; but what do people, especially teenagers, want for this romantic day? 



  • A Handwritten Note or Card


A heartfelt and thoughtful note from a special someone, or even a friend, can mean a lot. Seeing someone’s thoughts written on paper, rather than a through text, can make someone feel loved and appreciated. Another plus to this small gift is that it costs almost nothing and only requires a little time and effort.



  • Flowers and Chocolates


Nothing beats the classic gift of some red roses and chocolates. No matter who this is being gifted to, everyone can appreciate some yummy desserts and beautiful flowers at a low cost. 



  • Personalized Jewelry


Anything personalized with either a name or date is a special and well thought out gift for anyone. A roman numeral necklace engraved with a specific date or a bracelet with the name of a loved one would be a perfect gift that could be worn at all times. This gift could either be handmade with some beads and string or ordered and professionally made. Either option will make someone smile. 



  • Promise Rings


A promise ring is a gift that would be perfect for a couple that has been together for a while. The simple ring is meant to symbolize your commitment to another person and could be a special and thoughtful gift for a girlfriend or boyfriend. While this is one of the more expensive options, cheaper rings can be found on websites created by small businesses. 



  • Teddy Bears


A small and simple stuffed animal could make anyone’s Valentine’s Day special. A great option is creating one at Build-A-Bear and personalizing it to surprise your loved one. Adding a voice sound, scent, outfit, or all three can make this simple gift memorable.  



  • A Handmade Photo Album 


Teenagers especially tend to take more photos with their loved ones and friends, making a photo album a cheap and thoughtful gift . Pasting photos into either a scrapbook or even a journal can make a great homemade present to show someone that you value your past memories together. This option can be easily and cheaply put together. 


  • A Planned Date


A well thought out date night can be a gift all on its own. A nice dinner and a movie or even a night at home on the couch can be a memorable way to spend the night with your special someone. This idea has the potential to be on the more expensive side, but can also be planned with a small budget. 


Especially in today’s society, teens can have very different opinions on what they believe is the perfect gift.


“I’d want candy or those cute heart shaped chocolates, or even a cheap teddy bear from Target,” junior Kylee Scherf said. 


“I would want something that goes along with the holiday. It doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as they put thought into it, that’s all that matters,” junior Pierce Walsh said.


“Probably something small like jewelry or a necklace, but if you truly care about the person you’re getting it from, money shouldn’t matter,” junior Bryce Thompson said. 


“I would rather have something like money or gift cards so that I could buy what I wanted,” freshman Tripp Riordan said.


Valentine’s Day is a special holiday to show your love and appreciation for someone. Presents don’t have to break the bank for it to be meaningful. Just showing that you care can be the perfect gift for someone