Hit the Road Again

Successful Road Trip Tips

Winter Littlejohn, Reporter

Spring Break is just around the corner, meaning some students might start to stress about the long hours spent in a car. Here are some tips to help make road trips a lot more enjoyable. 

Many can agree that sitting in a car for a long period of time is boring and uncomfortable, but there are many ways to fix that. 

Spending time on your phone can only keep you entertained for so long, so playing games like “I spy”, the alphabet game, or “would you rather” can make the time go faster. Doing this can also help you bond with each other, making time in the car, and your vacation as a whole, more enjoyable.

“When I go on road trips, I always like to play tic-tac-toe or hangman with my brother, or with my friend, if I bring one. It wastes time and is always a fun, simple game to play,” freshman Amanda Hollis said.

When sitting in the car, it is important to dress comfy and bring the right things so you can relax. According to Outfittrends.com, wearing something fresh and trendy like leggings, tanks, and tennis shoes or flats will help maintain your comfort. If you plan to sleep in the car, a neck pillow and a light blanket can make it easier to rest.   

“I like to sleep in the car while on a road trip when I get bored. I always bring a pillow, blanket, and fuzzy socks so I can sleep better. I’ll wear leggings or shorts depending how warm it is, a tee shirt, and vans because that’s what is most comfortable for me,” sophomore Keira Yurashek said. 

Road trips are a great experience and full of excitement, but before going on one, make sure to consider these tips to ensure the maximum amount of fun and comfort!