Seasons Continue with Safety Protocols in Place


Coaches gather before the start of the Oct. 2 varsity football game at Memorial Stadium against JJ Pearce. Coaches, players, fans, and spirit groups were glad to celebrate Senior night, a Wolverine victory, and to have a season at all. Photo by Mackenzy Klinge.

Hailey Gaas, Reporter

COVID-19 abruptly stopped Frisco athletes’ 2019-2020 seasons last year, and as ready athletes returned to school eager to play, FISD  put in place safety precautions and regulations that make this 2020-2021 season different than previous years.

Facilities and equipment sanitation are taken very seriously, as all athletics in training have to sanitize all equipment before, throughout, and after practice in order to protect student athletes from catching the virus. 

Wakeland Football has taken COVID precautions very seriously. Gaiters are worn on the sidelines whenever helmets are off, and everyone must be six feet apart. Football drills are more spread out than previous years, overall making practice safer, but a little more challenging to get some things done.

 “Coaches are really enforcing we don’t go to parties with close contact, and basically want us to stay as healthy as possible,” sophomore JV football player Caden Forst said.

Each drill is specifically designed with safety in mind, and sanitation is taken very seriously as practice wear (including pads and helmets) are sanitized in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. Even the time in locker rooms is now limited. At actual football games, the sidelines are spread out from the 10 yard line to the 10 yard line adding more space to socially distance.

“We really preach safety as much as possible and remind them to stay safe as much as we possibly can,” Coach Secord said. “It’s a miracle we still have a season.” 

Wakeland volleyball season just ended, varsity 10-8, JV 16-2, and freshman A and B teams winning all 18. Gaiters were a major safety precaution taken, as all athletes were required to wear them around the neck at all times, during practice and at games. 

“They are definitely more strict this year with masks and everything. I also miss the team bonding,” sophomore Allayna Stewart said passionately. 

As many safety precautions as volleyball and all athletics have taken, B team was quarantined near the end of the season.

Legacy Line has been spaced out, six feet at all times. The classic known kick-line is spaced out every two yard lines, and girls aren’t allowed to hook together due to COVID-19 restrictions. Every routine has been modified to allow students to space out on the field and take off masks when performing. 

“Last year we all got to bond and enjoy games more,” junior Legacy Line Sergeant Avery Giddens said.

As we approach soccer season, athletes and coaches have already done a lot to prepare and keep everyone safe. Gaiters are worn whenever athletes are not actively participating in physical activity. Practices have been spread out on the field and they have had little access to the weight room to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Workouts have been in the fieldhouse with plates to substitute for lost weight room time.

“The main difference between this year and last year has mainly been just the fact that we’ve had to be separate during practice, which is weird because soccer is normally a really close group. Talking and socializing is a little more difficult,” JV sophomore Dylan Horton said.

Collectively, many students have said bonding with other classmates has been a challenge because of the strict “six feet at all times” rule. As many high school athletes deal with the effects of COVID-19, to still have a season is a dream come true for many.