Boosting the Students of FISD

Project Boost is a new club with WHS students who volunteer their time to tutor younger students and prepare them for STAAR testing


Ashley Deckert and Paris Bashlor, Editors-In-Chief

The struggle is real when it comes to learning new concepts during a pandemic – especially for younger students trying to pass the 2021 STAAR test.

However, juniors Grace Rhee and Karina Garza took this as an opportunity to start a new club known as Project Boost.

Project Boost is a club that was created to assist students in different subjects they struggle with. From math and science to english and history, the new club is sure to be a big hit in the Frisco ISD community.

“I heard around the community that students were struggling with online learning. I wanted to take advantage of that and help teach them, and help them prepare for the STAAR test, especially,” president Grace Rhee said. 

Project Boost helps students of all ages at the elementary school level. 

“We will be tutoring elementary grades – kindergarten through fifth. May be up to eighth grade, depending on the level of interest,” vice president Karina Garza said. 

Students will be well prepared for any upcoming exams through Wakeland student tutors.

“We will be helping with any subjects that most students are struggling with. We already know some of the curriculum and will give one-on-one tutoring to best suit each student,” Garza said. 

With one-on-one tutoring, students will be able to better understand topics and curriculum they are struggling with. 

The new club will benefit many students with the opportunity to strengthen their skills in subjects they struggle with.

“I think it will benefit the students by giving them a more personalized learning experience and help them understand the concepts so they won’t be behind this year,” Garza said. 

“I am most excited to teach the younger students, along with the other high school tutors, and to boost their confidence in the academic world,” Rhee said. 

Many FISD elementary schools will be involved in this program, but they are specifically starting with elementary schools that feed into Griffin and Cobb and who may eventually be Wakeland students.

“[We will be focusing on] specifically Pink Elementary, Purefoy Elementary, Fisher, Carroll, but all elementary students are welcome,” Rhee said. 

Project Boost focuses on helping younger students within the FISD community catch up on all the things they have missed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

For more information please contact [email protected] or [email protected]