A Wave of Blessings

Junior Kyle Davis launched his own clothing line called Wave of Blessings.


Photo courtesy of @wave_of_blessings.co on Instagram

A Wave of New Beginnings – Junior Kyle Davis creates new hats for his new clothing line, starting with a “Hooked on Jesus” design. “I started to have a lot of ideas of designs to put on clothing,” Davis said. Aside from hats, he will also be selling and producing hoodies and shirts.

Ashley Deckert, Editor-in-Chief

After seeing the success of other clothing brands, Kyle Davis was inspired to start his own called Wave of Blessings. 

“I was just inspired by other brands, so I thought I should try one myself,” Davis said. 

Davis created this brand in order to spread the word of God, while also being able to make a profit.

“I wanted to make something that allowed for me to share God’s love to other people while also being able to make money from it,” Davis said.

Wave of Blessings so far provides hats, shirts, and hoodies to its customers. Some products take longer than others to get to customers because of manufacturing. 

However, when it comes to supply and demand, it depends on which product a customer chooses as it has to go through manufacturing.

Choosing the name for his clothing line was almost like a game of scramble.

“I just wrote down a bunch of names and the one I chose sounded the best. [Also, the name] ties together with the meaning of the brand,” Davis explained.

For the style and art of his clothing brand, Kyle gets his inspiration from the Bible.

“Whenever I read the Bible and see something that inspires me, I take note of it and try to make an illustration for it,” Davis said.

Kyle has gotten much support from his family and friends through social media and school.

“I’ve gotten a lot of support from people on Instagram about the brand,” Davis said.

The future of Kyle’s clothing brand is bright and seems to be heading down the right direction.

“I see Wave of Blessings being a popular and well known clothing brand nationwide,” Davis said.

For more information on Kyle’s clothing brand please follow his instagram account: @wave_of_blessings.co