Time Out

Due to COVID-19 cases, games canceled this week.

Paris Bashlor and Ashley Deckert, Editors-in-Chief

Thursday and Friday night lights will have to wait until next week.

Due to the spread of COVID-19 cases and in an effort to keep students and fans safe, both the junior varsity and varsity football games against Sulphur Springs are canceled for August 26 and 27. 

Players on the varsity team are disappointed to see their games canceled as this is the last season of their high school football career. 

“I’m honestly disappointed the game got canceled just because it’s our senior year and there aren’t [many] more games to be played. We also have a really good team this year and we all are very anxious to get the season going,” varsity player senior Jacob Turbidy said. 

Coaches have encouraged players to continue to try to social distance as much as they can while being in school to prevent the spread of COVID-19 cases. 

“The football team isn’t really changing much of what we have been doing, besides just asking us to social distance [ourselves] as much as possible, which is hard while we are in school,” Turbidy said. 

While social distancing is one of the most recommended precautions to prevent the spread of COVID, some players feel that more precautions should be taken. “I feel that we should definitely take more precautions next time a game does get canceled [because] we won’t have to worry about it,” varsity player senior Jared Mauzey said. 

The cancellation of the games also affects those on the sidelines, such as band, cheer, and Legacy Line. 

“I’m really sad that our first game got canceled because I was really looking forward to hanging out with my friends in the stands and playing our pep tunes! But hopefully, the next games will still be on,” marching band member junior Emma Thomas said. 

The WHS Marching Band is using the extra time spent at football games to continue improving their performances, as well as preparing for their FISD showcase in the next couple of weeks.

Wakeland’s cheer squad has also been taking precautions regarding the incoming covid cases.

“As a cheer team, we are wearing masks while we are stunting or standing less than 6 feet apart. We did come together as a team and made this decision based on the number of cheerleaders we have out at the moment,” varsity captain senior Emree Nagurney said.

However, the cheerleaders have worked countless hours to prepare for the community pep rally that was scheduled for August 25 and postponed until possibly October. 

“My co-captain, Clara, and I have worked for countless hours throughout the summer on the pep rally that was also [postponed]. It is super sad to see that it was also postponed due to the COVID outbreak we have at Wakeland,” Nagurney said. 

Along with varsity football players, varsity cheerleaders and seniors on Legacy Line are also disappointed to see games getting cancelled during their last year.

“I’m really sad the football game got cancelled because, since it’s my senior year, that’s unfortunately one less football game I get to perform in and I know everyone involved all worked really hard the past few weeks,” Legacy Line member senior Avery Giddens said. 

As of right now, it is not known when or if the games would be rescheduled.