Student Spotlight: Jorge Zafrilla


Anoushka Vaidya, Reporter

Finding himself and experiencing new things are a few of the reasons why Jorge Zafrilla decided to join the Foreign Exchange Program and leave his home of Madrid and spend a year in the United States.

He is adapting well to the culture and made friends early on thanks to the welcoming environment of Wakeland and the students.

“He’s a very friendly person and makes friends easily because of his contagious personality,” sophomore Annika Tysell said.

As a junior this year, he is currently studying fashion design, journalism, and art in addition to required classes.

“Doing an exchange year is basically preparing you to have an international education,” Zafrilla said.

Zafrilla has many hobbies such as sewing, painting, reading, cinema, and hanging out with friends. He aspires to major in fashion design or have a career in the arts like filmmaking, writing, or painting. 

“In the United States, I would like to go to either Parson’s [Parsons School of Design]  or FIT [Fashion Institute of Technology] which are both in New York. I would also like to go to Central Saint Martins which is in London,” Zafrilla said.

These schools are famously known for their design, fashion, and art programs. Zafrilla wants to go to an International University, colleges in Spain are not his main priority. 

“Jorge is a very artistic person, he has good style, and is very understanding,” sophomore Addison Domino said.