Wakeland Theatre Conducts Halloween Food Drive


Josh McDaniel, Reporter

Trick or Treat!

From October 24th-November 4th, Wakeland Theatre conducted their annual “Trick or Treat So Kids Can Eat” food drive through the International Thespian Society.  

“Every school in Frisco has a month that they do [a] food drive [through the International Thespian Society], so we asked for October to be ours,” Wakeland Theatre Director and Fine Arts Department Chair Mrs. Dalfonzo said.

This year’s food drive went towards Frisco Family Services, and the students brought their donations during their 3A classes.  The students in the 3A classes that collected the largest amount of donations per student and the highest total donations received a free meal from Raising Canes.  The class with the most donations per student was Mrs. Granier’s with 13 donations per student, and the class with the most total donations was Mrs. Brady’s with 296 donations, contributing to 1,419 donations in total.

“I’m very competitive,” Mrs. Brady said.  “At first, they weren’t sold on it, but I encouraged them.  I told them: ‘picture getting a free lunch while everybody else has to have their cafeteria lunch’.  I had to really, really motivate them to see how great of a reward it was.”

Continuous encouragement proved to be successful for both Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Granier.  

“We talked about how we can help others and then just daily encouragement.  I sent an email just to kind of make them aware of the situation,” Mrs. Granier said.  

Despite needing external motivation, the students provided great help to the food drive.

“The kids who donated did a great job, and we got a lot of good stuff,” Mrs. Dalfonzo said.

Congratulations Wolverines on a successful food drive.  Continue to show your devotion to helping others next year!