Season of Senioritis


Hailey Gaas, Reporter

As the seniors continue their final year of high school, the desire to graduate and begin the next chapter of their life increases exponentially. Seniors’ sudden lack of motivation can be known as a humorous phenomenon titled “senioritis”.

As college acceptances roll in, it is common for seniors to feel as if they can finally relax and put minimal effort into the remaining school year. 

“I am glad I am able to relax a bit more now that the school year has come to a close, but I still have to remember not to let my grades suffer significantly from it,” senior Jason Chavez said. 

As the light at the end of the tunnel comes closer, some seniors experiencing “senioritis” are getting excited to graduate and begin classes dedicated to their field of study.

“Sometimes I wish the following months would go by faster; by virtue of high school’s attempt to provide a broad base-level of education to all students, I’ve had to take a lot of classes I don’t necessarily enjoy,” senior Michael Goppert said.

Goppert continues to describe how his high school experience has positively impacted him, and the memories he has made during his four years here at Wakeland.

“I’m also reminding myself to slow down and enjoy this homestretch. These last four years have been vital to shaping me as a person, and I’m happy to have been able to receive the education I did here alongside some great people,” Goppert said.

The idea of college and leaving high school is bittersweet, but students are using this time to bond with their friends while it is convenient.

“I’ll miss my friends in different clubs and extracurricular activities because I’ve built very strong relationships with some really great people,” senior Araz Rashidi said.

The transition from high school to college is a big change, and improving on last minute habits is ultimately a huge key to success. Rashidi continues to describe how he is using the last bit of high school to improve his study habits. 

“I’m definitely trying to start new habits that I wasn’t very consistent with during high school. Especially improving time management,” Rashidi said.

High school goes by extremely fast, and our seniors are anxious and ready to close this chapter of their lives and move on to the next.