The Leaders of Wakeland go to State


Rachel Dickerson, Reporter

Clubs are a significant part of any high school. They allow students to interact and meet other people. But this club has more in mind for its students than the average club.

FCCLA, the Family Career and Community Leaders of America. This club is meant to help students make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. FCCLA is primarily focused on Family Consumer and Sciences Education and helps students learn about personal and communal roles in society. 

“In December students formed groups on their interests. Utilizing rubrics provided by FCCLA and area of focus students began to plan out their research and develop content for their topic,” Club Sponsor, Mrs. Sabonis said. 

Students must have taken a class in Hospitality and Tourism, Education and Training, Visual Arts and Design, Interpersonal Skills, and Human Services in order to participate in FCCLA. 

“I am proud of all the students who took a chance on joining FCCLA and jumping right in on making it the best inaugural year by placing in the top five at Regionals and qualifying for State,” Mrs. Sabonis said. 

This school year is the first year of FCCLA at Wakeland, and the students leading the way made it to State at their last competition. The students who established this club at Wakeland, President Abiniti Bansal, and Vice President Molly Hope, encouraged and helped other club members to further develop their ideas and concepts. 

“My student’s motivation and determination to be successful has been rewarding and worth my time in establishing the club,” Mrs. Sabonis said. 

Starting March 30, qualified students will be officially competing and representing Wakeland at the State competition. Spread the word and wish our fellow wolverines luck!