ISM Students Work for their Future


Every year Independent Study and Mentorship, “ISM” students kick off the year creating an original work project. In their designated career of choice they start researching for a mentor in a career of their choice. Once they find their mentor, the student will shadow them observing and following their every move. This is created to help the students learn more about their future career, and to eventually create the project.

“I created an original franchise business plan to open up a Soul Cycle franchise. Basically, it was a 20 page long detailed paper saying all that would need to take place to set up the franchise, such as where to place it, how many employees and supplies we will need, and how much it will cost,” senior Dylan Hauglid said. 

When it comes to this project the sky is the limit! Students are able to choose their dream occupation, and learn everything there is to know and more.

“I chose the topic of neonatology, and I am currently working with a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse,” junior Madelyn Schroeder  said.

Not only did this project allow the students to learn about their career, but it gave them important skills and information that they will not be able to learn from inside the classroom. 

“I have learned a lot about working with real world professionals and communicating with others-from interviews, patient interactions, and numerous presentations. I think that I honestly have learned more in ISM that I have in any other course I have taken” Schroeder said. 

Even if the student decides to not follow through with that career path, this is important information that they will be able to use for another occupation. 

“If I were to enter franchising as my future career, this project will have been great practice because a potential franchise would have to create a similar plan and pitch it to a franchise company if they wanted to receive the rights to start a franchise,” Hauglid  said.

Once the project is complete, the students create a visual presentation of what they have learned throughout the assignment.  Then students around the school are welcome to learn more about the occupation that a certain student studied, and maybe it will even inspire them to get a job in that field!

The ISM work project is more than the students learning about their designated career. It also provides them with expertise in the workplace. Once they are out of college, they will have an idea of what their job will look like which is a huge advantage that will push them in the right direction.

Wolverines, if you are looking for a hands-on class, and have the desire to learn more about your career, then take ISM!  You can ask about the class for more information through Mr. Ratliff’s email, [email protected].