Praise for Popoff


Liana Tuck, Reporter

When it comes to dancing, hard work outweighs talent immensely in the long run. Caroline Popoff, the assistant director of the Wakeland Legacy Line and Dance I, II, and III teacher for the last two years is a strong believer in this. She chose to teach in order to better the high school experience for students and help to shape the future.

“I really appreciate the fact that, though some people in my dance classes are not as naturally talented as others, they really try their best to learn,” said Popoff when asked whether hard work is more important than talent.

Popoff’s students appreciate her help, insight, and youthfulness to help relate to the issues they encounter.

“Mrs. Popoff has really helped to balance out some of the negativity that comes with being on a team of so many girls the past couple of years. I think without her my high school experience would have been much more difficult,” sophomore line member Devin Bravenec said. 

“My favorite part about her is the fact that she is able to stay positive through difficult times. I also really appreciate how organized she is during practice. It really helps keep me motivated when I know exactly what we are focusing on during practice,” sophomore rookie Presley Davenport said.

Mrs. Popoff has always wanted to give back to the community by becoming a high school teacher. Inspired by her own teachers from her time in high school who really made an effort to help her, she has worked hard despite some of the challenges many teachers face.

“The most challenging part of teaching for me is when students are not listening to me. I think it’s hard to capture the attention of the whole room and have people pay attention, but I think throughout the past few years I have learned a lot on how to communicate well and really get people to be all in,” she said.

In spite of the challenges she and many other teachers face on a daily basis, she is still able to maintain her passion for dance which she spent so many years of her life doing. 

“I think my most favorite part of teaching would have to be the relationships I am able to form with the students. I really hope that the connections I have formed with the kids are able to last beyond the Wakeland High School walls as well,” Popoff said.

Many of her students are grateful for the impressions she made on their years at Wakeland, showing just how appreciated she is. To many, Caroline Popoff is not considered to be just a teacher, but a confidant, trusted adult, and mentor.