Senior Year: The Rise of Applications


Seniors are known for their constant preparation to leave home and explore all the world has to offer. But the first step in leaving the nest is known as the most important and strenuous: the application process.

“It’s been really stressful so far, writing so many essays and keeping track of everything I need for each application,” senior, Johanna Chan said.

College applications have consistently been regarded as stressful and nerve-racking for years. The seemingly endless amount of information and files needed in order to apply makes it difficult for students to manage each application. Most students tend to apply to at least four colleges, some going as far as to apply to 15, which only adds to the pressure.

“I used Common App to apply to the colleges I chose, it made it a lot easier to keep track of everything,” senior, Alexis Carter said.

“The Common Application helps students apply to hundreds of different colleges…” all using the same application form. This application makes it infinitely easier for students to apply, and keep track of where they are exactly for each application they send out.

The Common Application is offered at over 1,000 colleges and universities, and over one million students use the platform to apply to their top colleges.

“Even with the Common App, I feel like I write essays almost every day now,” senior, Kaleigh Williams said.

College applications require multiple essays from students, depending on the college and type of application they are sending. Essays are meant to give college admissions counselors an insight into the student that they will potentially accept into the school, so each one must be memorable.

For students applying to top colleges known for their academics, students have even more to do. For most Ivy League schools, students must submit additional essays, and teacher recommendations, and even conduct an interview with admissions counselors.

With all of these necessities, applications can feel overwhelming. But students can go to numerous people for help, such as parents, counselors, teachers, and maybe even friends or relatives that are currently in college. Using these resources, as well as the Common Application, students are able to efficiently apply to colleges, avoiding stress as much as possible.

With as much luck as possible, good luck to the class of 2023, and may many acceptance letters come your way.