Lights Out


Lights Out! – Wakeland’s Legacy Line performs at the annual blackout pep rally. Many students enjoy the blackout pep rally because it is something different and they can view the performers in a different light.

Juliette Jehling, Reporter

One of the most popular pep rallies at Wakeland is the blackout pep rally. It’s held every year and students love it. 

“The blackout pep rally is where they turn off all the lights. We wear glow sticks and our white uniforms so we can glow against the black lights,” freshman Kendall Smith said.

Although most students enjoy the blackout pep rally, some students think otherwise.

“It was kinda boring. It was fun just getting with my friends and watching the performance,” freshman Dylan Sneed said.

A majority of the student body enjoys going to the pep rallies. Not only do they get to watch all the performances, but they also get to hang with friends. Other than visiting with friends, most think that the blackout pep rally is boring.

“I enjoy the blackout pep rally but no one really pays attention. Everyone gets on their phones,” senior Quincy Leslie said.

A lot of the student body enjoyed watching the performances in the black lights.

“I thought it was fun but it needed to be darker. I liked Legacy Line’s and cheer’s dance,” recording secretary Megan McBride said.

Overall, students said the blackout pep rally was super fun. Even though it might not be for all, It’s still one of the best pep rallies.

“I think every pep rally should be a blackout pep rally,” said senior Ali Noorani.

The student body loves the blackout pep rally. It will continue to be a tradition at Wakeland High School.