Mums, Garters, Suits, Dresses, Oh My!

Students of Wakeland High School get ready to celebrate homecoming.


Ashley Deckert

Bringing out the festivities! – With homecoming coming up, students get ready to celebrate with school spirit. “I’m most looking forward to hoco because it’s my senior year,” Stover said. Wakeland’s homecoming will be on Sept. 17, 2021.

Paris Bashlor and Ashley Deckert, Editors-in-Chief

It’s that time of year again! Homecoming is right around the corner, and students are making preparations for the events ahead. Most students celebrate homecoming by going to the game, taking pictures, having dinner with friends, going to the dance, and hosting an afterparty. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, students weren’t able to participate in as many homecoming traditions last year. 

“I didn’t go to hoco last year because of covid, [but this year] me and my friends are going to eat and take pictures then party it up,” senior Drew Stover said. 

This year, students will be able to attend a dance and celebrate homecoming.

“Unlike last year with COVID, we did not have homecoming. But this year [a lot of people] got vaccinated, so now we don’t have to wear masks and homecoming is back,” senior Ryan Rhodes said. 

Not only do students have the dance to look forward to, but the entire week is filled with homecoming dress-up days.

From Sept. 13-17, students have the opportunity to show their Wakeland spirit through fashion.

The week of the 13th includes many dress-up days. Mon. is dress up as your favorite movie character, Tues. is PJ day, Wed. is a wig out day, Thurs. is country or country club, and Fri. is mum and garter day.

Students look forward to participating in the many homecoming traditions.

“I am most looking forward to homecoming week because of the different activities at school,” sophomore Andrew Smorynskisaid.

Not only is dress up week one of the school’s traditions, but students also celebrate homecoming with mums and garters. 

“I think the idea of mums and garters is a great tradition. It’s always fun to be able to sit down and make something with someone you care about and create even more memories with people. It really adds to the experience and memories for homecoming,” senior Andrew Long said.

Nonetheless, some students have expressed their feelings toward the stylish mums and garters. Many stating that the tradition can get a bit too expensive and messy.

“I think mums [and garters] are a unique way for high schoolers to have fun and celebrate hoco. [However], I don’t think they are worth the cost, time, and energy it takes to make one for the value of the mun [and garter],” junior Jackson Nodes said.

“I think they are a bit annoying, like it’s 100+ students having cow bells on their necks and you hear it nonstop throughout the day. Plus, the mess of the mums and garters in the hallway is like a war zone on the floor. But it is a sweet gesture to give it to someone,” sophomore Gabby Conn said.

No matter the countless opinions on the traditions, homecoming is a time for celebration that brings out the school spirit of every Wakeland student.