Winter Break: Pros or Woes?


Josh McDaniel, Reporter

With another semester in the books and another to go, it’s time to reflect on winter break.  This year’s winter break which began December 23, and students returned January 10, started closer to the holidays and gave students and teachers an extra week of rest and preparation after the holidays than the break in previous years.  

“I liked having the week after New Year’s off because it’s just more time to relax and get settled into the year,” junior Trip Goodridge said.

With the time to adjust to the new year, students with family outside of Texas especially enjoyed the extra week. 

“How it was the year before is [I] would come back from Tennessee and then immediately go back to school.  But having that extra week, [I] come back from Tennessee, [and] I still [have] that week off from school [to get back into the swing of life],” junior Hunter Harvey said.

As well as students, teachers appreciated the new winter break.

“At first, that last week before we went to break, I was like ‘oh my, what a long week, and I wish I was off,’” Ms. Wiemann said. “This year’s calendar was beneficial because you had Christmas and then New Year’s and then [another] week to unwind and recuperate from the holidays,” broadcast teacher Ms. Wiemann said.

On Tuesday, January 17, 2023, at 6:30 p.m., the Frisco ISD School Board will consider the positives and negatives of this year’s break, as they decide on its future.

“I definitely want this to continue because I greatly appreciated having that non-holiday week downtime,” Ms. Wiemann said.